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In 1998 Maribeth and Dave had the opportunity to take on operating their own kennel in Sonoma, California. They moved their young family to the country and began the exciting task of renovating and running Maranda Ranch. Maranda Ranch has continued to add upgrades, moving toward a sustainable future. Family interests include using solar energy, landscaping to create a comfortable climate, organic gardening, and maintaining a flock of free-range chickens for egg production. Their dedication to offering an excellent facility for dog enjoyment continues, with recent play yard renovations that include a splash pad and other exciting features.

Currently, two of the Byerley children have come on board to continue the tradition of running a safe and enjoyable kennel for pets.

Malia, like all the children, worked along side her parents at the kennel since 1998, and at the age of seven trained her first animal, a pet rat, named Hoody. She went on to develop training relationships with dogs, horses, and other animals. She now continues to work as a manager at the kennel and many of her animal friends can be seen at Maranda Ranch.

Sadie Anne is gifted in administration and divides her time between managing the office and organizing the breeding business.

The Byerley family continues to serve you with joy, in the care of your pets and the work at the ranch.

Maranda Ranch is owned and operated by the Byerley family.

Maribeth Byerley has had a lifelong relationship with animals, starting with two dogs, Toby and Reggie, whom she adopted in high school and learned to train. She went on to base her career on her ability with animals, graduating from Moorpark College with a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management. She then worked at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago, training dolphins, sea lions, seals and a walrus, as well as working in the Brookfield Children's Petting Zoo. Moving back to California, she received her license as an Instructor at Guide Dogs For The Blind and worked at the Marin headquarters for four years training dogs.

In addition to operating the boarding kennel, Maribeth breeds purebred Australian Shepherds. Due to her background with dogs, she is able to use her knowledge of breed confirmation and breeding to create lovely, friendly dogs for families in the Sonoma area and beyond.

While working at Guide Dogs for the Blind, Maribeth met and married her husband Dave, who was also a licensed instructor with experience running a boarding kennel. In fact, the name of the kennel is a testimony to their relationship; Maribeth-and-Dave became Mar-an-da, the genesis of the name of Maranda Ranch. Dave passed away in 2012, leaving his love of dogs and expertise in running a kennel to his children.


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