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Maranda Ranch Kennels is a homey ranch offering boarding to dogs and cats in the Northern California Bay area. Nestled among the vineyards of Sonoma, Maranda Ranch was first established in the early 1970s, and it has been run by the Byerley family since 1998.
Under several large shade trees, Maranda Ranch Kennels provides individual indoor and outdoor space for every dog. Large dogs reside in our Stables and small dogs reside in our Dog House, allowing for the individual pets comfort and safety. Because of these individual kennels we are free to board dogs with different personalities and temperaments while maintaining a safe and relaxed environment.


Maranda Ranch is dedicated to offering an excellent facility for dog enjoyment, with recent play yard renovations that include a splash pad and other exciting features. Each dog has daily exercise and playtime out of the individual kennel - with others or by him/herself, according to what is best for each dog. We are committed to keeping dogs comfortable with fresh water at all times and regularly tidied homes and runs.

We also have individual, indoor kennel homes designed for the comfort and enjoyment of visiting cats. Complete with multilevel ledges, natural elements for scratching, playing, and exploration, and access to food, fresh water, and a clean litter box at all times. 


Landscaping, integrated throughout the facility, creates a pleasant environment for guests and allows for the reduction of weeds, foxtails, fleas, and ticks.

“This kennel was recommended to me by my vet, who takes his own dog there. How much more of a recommendation did I need?"  ​

- Anthony Smith, Stella's owner


"I love Maranda Ranch! Maribeth and her daughters truly have your pets best interest at dogs got great care and are happy to go there.
The new play yard is awesome.
I highly recommend them!"

- Patty Marken, Ziva's owner

"Our dog loves this place! The staff is always friendly and they are really good at matching dogs up at playtime so they get to play with a compatible buddy. When we get to the ranch, our dog jumps out, tail wagging, which a good sign, and a huge relief."

- Jen Trette, Henry & Spencer's owner

"We have been taking our dog here since 2011, we love this place. They are always nice and it's a family owned business."

- Mindy Simon, Petra's owner


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