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Cat Lodgings

Here at Maranda Ranch cats get plenty of loving scratches as they are let out to roam in a safe and spacious environment. 


  • Individual, screened-in enclosures to enable visibility and the flow of fresh air.

  • Each enclosure has a multilevel space that allows the cat to feel comfortable and relaxed at any height.

  • Cats are offered time each day to exercise and socialize in a larger enclosed courtyard. This space offers natural elements for scratching, playing, and exploration.

  • Access to food, fresh water, and a clean litter box at all times.

  • Climate controlled environment complete with air purifier/humidifier and the diffusing of essential oils

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To ensure your cat's comfort and health, we require proof of vaccinations for: FELINE RABIES and FDVRI.

Ask your veterinarian email them to


Upload your records to our new online




$30 per cat per day

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New customers 

click here to create an account on our online

Please call us at (707) 996-9472 to make your first reservation  

Returning customers

click here to book a boarding online or log into your customer portal.


Please make sure your pets are fully vaccinated and the updated records are sent to us before the booking date. 

What to Bring:


No need to bring anything as we provide all the necessary amenities. 

If you prefer your cat be on your food while here, feel free to provide your own kibble free of charge.


If you are okay with our food, we serve Kirkland Salmon based kibble. 

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