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Enrichment Activities are great additions to an already fun filled day at the ranch! 
Explore the different options and let the staff know which ones you'd like added to your stay!


Each activity is $10 per activity per day

(Starting 6/1/24 Enrichments will be $15 per activity per day)

Beef Flavored Snow Cones

Summertime Exclusive


Get in on this activity while it lasts!


This delicious and healthy treat is one of the most fun ways to keep your pup cool and hydrated in the summer! Frozen ice smothered in beef broth? What more could a pup ask for! 


(This activity ends Sep 30th)


Frozen Stuffed Kong

This simple yet rewarding activity is great for dogs who enjoy being challenged by the process of finding and removing food that is hidden or stuffed into a Kong!

A great activity to stimulate the brain while also calming the body!*

*not ideal for dogs with allergies - please consult the staff for substitutes

Edible Bacon Bubbles

Your dog will be in for a sensory explosion

with this activity!

The bubbles are interactive, fun to look at,

and smell terrific!


Your pup will enjoy a session, either individually or with an appropriate group, exploring their new love of Bacon Bubbles!

Game of Fetch

What better way to keep your pup stimulated than with a good ole fashion game of fetch!

Your pup will enjoy an individual session, complete with lots of belly rubs, praise, and a “who’s the best pup?” questionnaire!




With this activity, your pups won’t just be tugging on our heartstrings anymore!

Tug-of-war is one of the best ways to tucker out our furry loved ones and it also builds confidence, promotes impulse control, and is a great way to get some 1-on-1 time with our handlers! 

Scent Activities


These scent activities are great for dogs who like to keep their mind active and stimulated by channeling their love of sniffing, problem solving, and determination!


Featuring the “Snuffle Mat” and the “Treat Puzzle”, your pup will never have more fun eating treats than during this activity!

*If your dog experiences allergies, please consult the staff for substitutes!

One-On-One Cuddle Time

An engaging activity for all the love bugs out there.


Full of pets, scritches, cuddles, and kisses, this one-on-one time will leave your pup feeling nurtured, loved, and a little more at home! 

Catnip Stimulation with Scratchboard

What better way to stimulate your cat than giving them a scratch post filled with catnip?!


Catnip is theorized to make cats feel a sense of euphoria or extreme happiness while also allowing them to relax in a new environment.


Great for cats who enjoy solitary play.


*catnip is not suitable for all cats, we will need to evaluate reactions on an individual basis

Individual Cat Playtime

This activity is great for the cats who are active, playful, and unphased by their new location!

Various different toys will be provided along with lots of scratches to round off this fun activity!

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